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The Kindy Kids Love

After fruit time, the teachers will take a group of children to have a lesson based on the week’s programme. This will includes stories, songs and participation from the children as well as the teachers’ prepared input. These sessions usually last 20-30 minutes according to the concentration levels of the age groups. These group times are valuable as they encourage a more focussed learning approach, and also prepare the children for activities they will experience at school.

After lunch and a quite period of relaxation, or quite activities the 4’s will have their School Readiness programme, before enjoying more planned outdoor activities. At some time during the day the groups in both rooms will have a drama, music and movement, dancing, or yoga sessions.

You are welcome to send along any relevant books, puppets, music tapes/CDs, etc, for us to share at group time, based on the subjects for this month. We will ensure that these are kept safe, and return them to you at the end of the day – labelled, please.

All the Joeys rest on stretcher beds while quiet music is played. If a child is not resting, they will have the opportunity to lie on their bed and read a book. The rest time routine varies throughout the year, according to the changing needs of the children.

During the last few months of the Joeys’ year, rest time is replaced by ‘quiet activity’ time, in order to prepare the older children for the Kangaroos’ room the following year.