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The Kindy Kids Love


  • To help each child gain a feeling of self-worth and personal identity.
  • To teach by our example, consideration and respect for the feelings, rights, customs and property of others.
  • To allow each child time to develop at his or her own pace.
  • To treat each child’s natural curiosity with respect and dignity.
  • To provide new experiences for the children in a stimulating and accepting environment.
  • To guide the children towards achieving self-control and autonomy by explaining safety rules in a friendly and understanding manner.
  • To make children and their families feel welcome at Gingerbread by personally greeting them and spending individual time with each child every visit.
  • To realise our responsibility for all of the children in our care and to act in a caring but firm manner as adults who will stop children from hurting themselves or others, even if the children concerned become angry, upset or display antisocial behaviour.


We employ a range of trained, qualified and experienced educators who are committed to childcare. They are chosen for their empathy with children, and qualities of common sense and practicality. Gingerbread’s reputation for quality childcare depends in no small measure on the calibre of our educators.

We employ sensitive, nurturing and dedicated professional educators, and encourage continuing staff development in early childhood. We provide excellent working conditions and create an environment that supports the motivation and commitment, which fosters the educators’ professional development.