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Settling In

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GETTING TO KNOW GINGERBREAD We have an Open Door policy, which welcomes families visiting with their child to get to know the preschool and the staff, and to have your enquiries about our centre answered professionally.


Your child is a very important person to us, and we aim for the settling in period to be as gentle as possible. Please do not leave the kindy when your child is not looking. This is not helpful or fair to your child. It is much easier for the child to cope with the parent leaving when he or she is being held, or doing an activity with a caregiver.

Once you have said good bye, it is important that you leave quickly and calmly. You may like to ring if you are concerned about your child on a particular day. Be assured that we will always contact you if your child is extremely distressed or inconsolable. If you and your child have visited two or three times for 20-30 minutes before commencing at Gingerbread, separation anxiety will probably not be an issue.