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8.30 am Centre opens, and the children have indoor free play
Children will do craft activities during the morning
9.50 am Group time – Kangaroos school readiness program
10.00 am Fruit time?
10.30 am Group time – Kangaroos school readiness program
11.30 am Indoor activities/outdoor craft
12.00 noon Lunch
1.00 pm Rest time/quiet activities for 3’s
Quiet school readiness activities for 4’s
2.00 pm 3’s up from rest/school readiness for 4’s
2.45 pm Quiet reading time
3.00 pm Short day children leave
Long day children have indoor and/or outdoor activities
3.45 pm Afternoon tea
4.00 pm Indoor/outdoor play
5.00 pm Group games, songs, storytime
5.30 pm Centre closes

Before lunch, the children will come together with the educator to enjoy a group activity. It could be drama, music and movement, dancing, language, shared reading or storytelling. All activities are programmed according to the process described previously. These sessions usually last for 20 – 30 minutes, according to the concentration abilities of the group. Kangaroos have a school readiness program.

These group times are valuable as they encourage a more focussed learning approach, and also prepare the children for types of activities they will experience at school.

You are welcome to send along any special books, puppets, music tapes/CDs, etc, for us to share at group time. We will ensure that these are kept safe, and return them to you at the end of the day – labelled, please.

The rest time routine varies throughout the year, according to the changing needs of the children. All the children rest on stretcher beds and quiet music is played. If a child is particularly opposed to lying down, they will have the opportunity to sit on their bed and do a quiet activity, such as reading a book or doing a puzzle.