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We recommend that all children are immunised according to the Government immunisation schedule. We require a copy of your immunisation history statement stating that your child is fully immunised for their age, or has a medical reason for not being immunised or a conscientious objection form that has been signed by your doctor. In the event of an outbreak of an immunisable disease please note that your child will need to be excluded from the centre – please refer to our infectious diseases policy.


The centre is required to keep a copy of current court orders. It is the parent’s responsibilities to notify the Director of any changes to court orders or if any custody/access difficulties arise. Access to children will only be given where the legal guardian has provided written authorisation via the enrolment form.


Gingerbread encourages a “Healthy Food Policy”. This means that all food provided for your child should be wholesome and nourishing. If your child has a special diet or develops an allergy after you have enrolled, please remember to tell the staff. We will cut up shared fruit brought in by the children for morning tea.

The centre actively encourages and promotes healthy eating habits for all children. Parents will periodically be given information and advice about good nutrition, including recommendations about varieties of food for your child’s lunchbox, and you will find up-to-date information in the Parent Information Area.

Microwave and refrigerator facilities are available. The parents must provide microwave containers for the heating of food. Food storage containers must be unbreakable and clearly labelled. Please do not use glass containers, plastic bags, or plastic lunch wrap.

Please do not send lollies, chocolate, potato crisps or “junk food” in general. They will be sent home unpacked. We strictly adhere to a NO NUT policy. Please do not send any food containing nut products. Nuts and popcorn are also not allowed due to the risk of choking. Please check the small type on the back of fruit or muesli bars to see whether it has been processed in a plant which also processes nut products.

Parents are advised to follow the centre’s Nutrition Policy as outlined in the Policy Handbook. Please note any food which has been heated up will not be returned to parents if the child does not eat it on that day. Milk or dairy foods not eaten will be placed in the fridge, and thrown out within 2 days.


If your child is currently taking a doctor/chemist prescribed medication, please hand the medication to the child’s teacher. The child’s name, dosage and time/s must be clearly labelled on the medication. Please ensure that a medication form is filled in with a member of staff, so that we can show we have permission to administer the medication. A staff member will administer the medication and sign the medication form, another staff member will witness and sign that the child named on the form was medicated with the correct dose at the correct time/s.

Strict policies have been developed to protect your child from incorrect administering of medication. All medication both natural and over the counter medications are required to have a chemist’s dispensing label attached with the child’s name, dosage, time/s and instructions for administering the medication, or a letter from your GP stating the above information. This must be handed to the child’s teacher.


Minor injuries are recorded on accident forms, which detail the nature of the incident and action taken. In the case of serious illness or accident, every effort will be made to contact the child’s parents so they may come and take the child to hospital or to a medical practitioner. It is therefore vital that the contact number you provide on the enrolment form is correct and updated. If a child’s condition requires urgent medical attention’ an ambulance will be called to transport the child to the casualty section of the nearest hospital and the child’s parents will be contacted and advised to meet the child there. A staff member well known to the child will accompany the child if the parent is unable to be contacted.

Please be aware that Gingerbread staff take all precautions to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring. We believe that prevention is better than cure!


Our SunSafe policy refers to information supplied by the NSW Cancer Council’s Sun Smart Early Education Program.
Sunclear SPF30+ Natural Sunscreen is applied 20 minutes before going outdoors.

Staff and children, visitors and parents must wear Sun hats that cover face, neck and ears. Adult hats should have a 6 to 7.5 cm brim, and children 5 to 6 cms, or a Legionnaire hat. If children do not bring a hat, they must play in the covered courtyard area, or the sandpit area.

Staff and children must wear clothing which covers the shoulders and neck, and for sun safety should
preferably cover to the knees. T-shirts or collared tops provide good skin coverage.

SunSafe information is displayed in our Policy Folder at the Parent Information Area for perusal by staff, families and visitors.


Written policies have been developed in accordance with our philosophy and principles, and identified needs of the children, staff and parents. These policies are required under the Department of Community Services regulations for licensing and accreditation.
These policies include the following:

  • 1. Gingerbread philosophy
  • 2. Program information
  • 3. Parent policies and centre information
  • 4. Positive Guidance philosophy
  • 5. Occupational Health and safety/Sun Smart policy
  • 6. Staff Policies and Procedures
  • 7. Centre management

This information is available to you at our Parent Information Area opposite the entry to the centre. These documents are subject to constant review. We ask that you read, comment on and make any additions or suggestions for change by completing a Parent Feedback form and giving it to an educator.