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To achieve our Centre philosophy the Director and educators considered the following:

Educators relationships with children and peers, and our partnership with families.

Children’s learning and experiences and how our programming/evaluating reflects our centre philosophy.

Our awareness of latest practices in curriculum, EYLF- Early Years Learning Framework, health, hygiene, nutrition in our protective, safe, secure and caring environment.

Recognising the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy).

Management and educators at Gingerbread:

Embrace a secure and nurturing environment with friendly and harmonious relationships. We encourage families to be active participators.

Gingerbread program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe children to learn best through play based activities which enable them to develop their capabilities.

Through trust and encouragement the children will develop confidently with a strong sense of esteem.

Gingerbread will provide a safe and healthy environment. The children will relate positively to others and enjoy themselves. They will learn in a positive way and learn to respect the environment.

Teach a non-discriminatory/anti-bias curriculum and promote passive encouragement for each child’s needs, including the integration of children with special needs.

Learning will be achieved in a non-gender specific language and differences will be resolved peacefully.

We recognise the importance of home and family and ongoing communication and interaction between the home and Gingerbread will have a positive effect on the children’s learning. Parents are encouraged to share information about children’s learning development and interests, and work together to make curriculum decisions.

We will protect children from bullying and direct behaviour as per our behaviour management philosophy.

We believe, as educators, that children learn through communication with other children and adults and through interacting with the environment.

To summarise:

Gingerbread offers a safe and nurturing environment which supports the individual needs of families, respectful of cultural differences. We believe all educators, families and children should be treated with respect fairness and equity. Open communication provides us with an anti-bias curriculum. We provide a challenging, stimulating and educational and flexible program, according to the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework with a focus on the child’s preparation for a smooth transition to school.

Policy Source Acknowledgements

Consultation with Management, Educators and Families