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EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCEDURES All Educators conduct regular fire drills with the children which are documented and filed.

The evacuation procedure is posted near the rear door and is also available for parental perusal in Centre Policy Folder. In the event of an evacuation to a safe place each child will be accounted for by using the sign-in sheets and daily room rolls. It is absolutely essential that the sign in sheet be completed correctly each day.
Emergency reinforcements will be called upon if necessary. Children regularly practice emergency evacuation drills each quarter, so all the children are familiar with the process.

Gingerbread Preschool Kindergarten has a policy on guiding positive behaviour to encourage children to co-operate, enhance their self-esteem and enable them to interact with others. Staff will recognise why a child behaves in a certain way and encourage more acceptable forms of behaviour. The Positive Behaviour Guidance policy is consistent throughout the centre, so children are aware of expectations as they move up in age groups. Staff will help children to be aware of limits and understand the reasons why these limits exist. Staff will use language appropriate to each child’s level of understanding.

The staff will support and guide children in positive behaviour with clear, consistent guidelines including:

Giving praise when co-operative and generous actions have been made,
Encouraging children to express themselves to others when upset or hurt,
Diverting the child’s attention and frustration if necessary,
Providing a space children can retreat to if need be,
Giving children strategies to use in a conflict or frustrated situations and;
Supporting the children in speaking up and then listening to them.

We suggest you read our Positive Behaviour Guidance policy in the Policy folder which is more detailed. Please ask for a feedback form so that we have your comments for future review of the policy.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the interests and welfare of children and families, using the centre, be protected and that any notification or investigation into suspected cases of abuse be facilitated with accurate information.
Staff are aware of what generally constitutes child abuse and the common indicators of this.
Staff will remain observant and attentive to children’s physical and emotional well being.
If abuse is suspected, staff must immediately report to the Director or Authorised Supervisor.
The Centre will make all reasonable and legal attempts to avoid releasing a child into a potentially dangerous situation, and will notify the Department of the situation immediately.
Staff will maintain confidential and specific written records regarding the pertinent physical and emotional state of children as presented each day as well as other relevant information concerning family or other circumstances.
Records and processes regarding suspected abuse are to be kept confidential and not discussed with anyone other than directly interested parties.
Staff to follow the procedure outlined below:

Suspected Child Abuse – Procedure
Inform the Director of your suspicions, detailing your observations (written, wherever possible).
In conjunction with the Director, observe the child in all aspects of the day. Document all observations with the date and time. Be as specific as you can and, whenever possible, use the child’s own language.
The Director will then inform the Department of Child Safety who will make a decision as to whether there are “reasonable grounds” to make a notification. The Department of Child Safety will handle any investigation and liaise with the Centre as to the progress and the child’s special needs.
You, as the notifier, will be immune from civil or criminal prosecutions.
Wherever possible, the identity of the notifier will remain confidential.
For more information please refer Gingerbread Preschool Positive Guiding of Children’s Behaviour Policy.

The relationship between staff and families is one of the key components in the development of a sense of belonging and caring which is central to the vision and philosophy of the centre. In order to enhance and preserve this relationship any complaints, concerns, or differences of opinion need to be addressed promptly and resolved. This will allow for Gingerbread to improve the quality of care that your child is receiving, please do not hesitate to contact the Director or Manager, Michelle Urquhart, who can be contacted on 0433 812 057.
For further details refer to the Complaints Policy and Procedures.

The centre protects the privacy and confidentiality of individual children, families,educators and management as defined within authorisations of the Education and Care Service National Regulations 2011, by ensuring that all records and information are kept in a secure place. They will only be accessed by, or disclosed to, those people who need the information to fulfil their responsibilities at the centre or have a legal right to this information.

We only record personal information that is vital and relates to the service’s activities and functions, and in line with relevant legislation.

Gingerbread Cottage and Gingerbread Preschool use a daily diary to inform parents and families of what their children’s interests and activities have been for the day/week.  Photos of the children individually and/or in groups will be sent to your email address and to other email addresses that you nominate.  It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to ensure that these photos are not forwarded or used for other purposes such as social media, etc (ie:  Facebook).

Each parent/guardian of enrolled children at our Service/s accepts the fact that photos and names of their child/ren may be used in the daily diary.   Should any person not wish for this to happen, they will need to discuss this with the management and ensure they do not accept this condition allowing use of these details in the daily diary.