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we recommend that all children are immunised according to the Government immunisation schedule. We require a copy of your immunisation history statement stating that your child is fully immunised for their age, or has a medical reason for not being immunised or a conscientious objection form that has been signed by your doctor. In the event of an outbreak of an immunisable disease please note that your child will need to be excluded from the centre – please refer to our infectious diseases policy.


Gingerbread’s exclusion from the Centre policy adheres directly to the Federal Government’s Children’s Health and Medical Research Council recommendations, in the interest of all children in our Centre, as quoted below:

“Excluding sick children and staff is one of the three most important ways of limiting the spread of infection in the child care centre (Ref. Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease, and Immunisation policies). The spread of certain infectious diseases can be reduced by excluding a person who is known to be infectious, from contact with others who are at risk of catching infection.

Parents may find an exclusion ruling difficult and some parents may place great pressure on the director to vary from the Gingerbread’s exclusion rules. Often these parents are under great pressure themselves to fulfil work, study or other family commitments. This may lead to stress and conflict between parents and centre staff.

Directors should not be influenced by letters from doctors, which allow the child back into care, unless the child’s condition fulfils the criteria for return to care. Sometimes doctors make different diagnoses for children in the same centre with illnesses that appear similar. Department of Health, Public Health Unit, should be able to help you with these situations or when you are in doubt about exclusion.


  • The ease with which infection can be spread
  • The ability of the infected person to follow hygiene precautions, and
  • The severity of the disease.

It is Gingerbread policy that children who are unwell do not attend the centre. If your child is sick, s/he requires the care and comfort of loving parents in their home environment.

When to keep your child at home:

  • High temperature
  • Vomiting
Severe skin rash/infection
  • Productive cough (mucus)
Excessive discharge from eyes/nose/ears
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Chicken Pox
  • Mumps
Whooping Cough
  • Head Lice
  • Measles
  • Cold Sores
Ring Worm
  • Impetigo
Hand and foot
  • Infectious Hepatitis

N.B If your child is not immunised they will need to be kept home if there is an outbreak of a childhood infectious disease for which there is a vaccine. Please note NSW Dept of Health poster at the Parent Information Area.

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